My Favourite Obsession

How well does the title fit with the theme of Barbie collecting? Well ‘My Favourite Obsession‘ is also the name of the new song out on 6th June by Leeds based ‘dramatic pop duo’ Secret Sirens.

Click on the sample below to have a sneak preview listen:

My Favourite Obsession – Sample by secretsirens

Not only is the song fab but lead singer Narelle Frances has also customised some Barbie dolls to look like herself and Andrew Siron (the other half of the indie duo).

The Barbies are featured in their new video for the upcoming release of My Favourite Obsession and as soonas I’m allowed to post it you will see just how fab it is. See the video now below the images of the dolls :) (I’ve been lucky enough to have a sneaky peek you will love it!)

Narelle and Andrew

Narelle used coloured marker pens to customise the Barbies, using red marker to dye the hair. Organza and chiffon was used to make her clothes.
Andrew as ‘Ken’ also had his hair coloured with pens and added facial hair with a handmade t-shirt.

This is ‘The Stalker’ doll who you will see in the video. She is wearing one of Ken’s tuxedo jackets and Narelle again used markers and chopped at the hair to give her that crazed look.

What do you think guys, don’t you just love the song and the dolls to match? I hope Narelle does some more OOAK (one of a kind) Barbies in the future.

UPDATE: The new video for Secret Sirens ‘My Favourite Obsession’ is now up on Youtube, check it out:

Jenny and Claire BFF Barbies

Claire (Benetton Marina/Kira)
Claire - Closeup

Jenny (Happening Hair Barbie)

Happening Hair Barbie aka Jenny shows off her modified boots. Her feet are so flat I had to slice the back of the boots open to shove her feet in!!

Jenny shows Claire how to use facebook

Jenny (Happening Hair Barbie)
Claire (Benneton Marina)

Jenny: So um this is facebook, you can make a profile and stuff, add friends, photos…….
Claire: Hmmm not sure about this I only really go online to look at shoes……

Jenny: It’s so easy Claire! Plus you can make your own group dedicated to your love of shoes if you like?
Claire: Now I’m interested :)

Jenny and Claire on Facebook

Jenny: *I regret showing her how to use that thing*

Claire: Wow look I have 4 facebook friends!

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Check out the Benetton Barbie Commercial:

Barbie Makeover 1 – Kirsty

Before The Salon 1, originally uploaded by Pimp My Barbie.

Although I’m still unsure of this Barbie’s real name, I have decided to call her “Kirsty” for now. Before her makeover she was looking very worse for wear. After traveling all the way from England in a plastic carrier bag, which was inside a suitcase she soon landed in her new home with me on my little island.

My Nan bought this Barbie for me from a car boot sale somewhere in the north of England. She has a real eye for finding great dolls although she has stopped buying them for me now as I think someone “informed her” that my once small collection that fit on a shelf, has now taken over the office in my house and is now sometimes referred to as “the Barbie Room”.

I actually thought there wasn’t much hope for this doll’s hair, to start with.

She had the following treatments:
♥ All over body scrub with “Glorious Green” body wash (washing up liquid)
♥ pore exfoliating sponge fibres from the african sea (washing up sponge)
♥ Fairy Flutters Dermabrasion (Toothbrush to scrub her face lightly)

♥ Hair detoxifying wash in “Glorious Green” (washed her hair in Washing Up Liquid)
♥ Flower Power Hair Conditioning System (upside down in a bucket of water and fabric softener for half an hour)
♥ Exotic Water Rinse (rinse with water lol)
♥ “Comb It Hair System” (put good film on and comb out hair with a squirt of leave in conditioner to help the tangles)
♥ “Heat is on, Straightening Treatment” (Stick only Barbie’s head under the extremely hot tap, or boiling water for 10 seconds, then cold water. Repeated to make sure hair was straight. kids get an adult to help you)

♥ Spa Relaxation (Hair Combed down straight and Barbie is free to relax whilst her hair dries naturally)
♥ Hair Syling (Got one of those cute tiny hair elastics and used it as a hair band)

This what Kirsty looked like after her makeover:

After The Salon 1